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its been a really long time.
ive been accepted to MSU and I am still waiting on UofM.
life has been insane this year. lots of stuff going on. alot more drama than i thought.

Jul. 6th, 2007

its summer. tomorrow im leaving for a commitment in the hamptons. that should be lots of fun, but the drive there will not be!!! did anyone hear about that little girl who's intestines were torn out of her by a pool drain while she was swimming in a public pool? ouch!!!
alot has been going on lately.
break has been good so far. went to my aunts house easter sunday and brought ari with me. that was interesting. everyone loved him which is great, but my great grandmother didnt know who i was. dad is entering me in a raffle to win that car outside of lasalette. he is also making me go out and get a job on friday. i was going to get my license this week, but im not insured yet so that wont happen for a few more weeks. wednesday im going to davids bridal to see about a prom dress; if i dont find one, then ari's mom, my mom and i are going to great lakes crossing this weekend. that should be fun. the one that ive had my eye on is a spaghetti strap long chiffon beaded empire waist gown in a light yellow and it only costs $150.00. thursday im going to U of M with ari to tour the campus, go to a class and an engineering fair. his cousin is a grad student there and teaches the class we are going to. he is gonna show us around. that will be really fun. today i am hanging out with ari.

1 WEEK UNTIL MY 17th BIRTHDAY!!!! 4-17-90

i dont know what to expect this year. my birthday is on a school day. i think im gonna bring brownies to CASA. after school, my mom, 2 aunts, ari and maybe his parents are going out to eat at either BIG FISH or CHARLIE'S (that really great restaurant in troy). i love seafood. i wanted to go out for sushi, but mom isnt a fan.

my eyes are getting weary. ive been on the computer for an hour and a half now. gtg. peace and love.
January 28th, 2007
Mary Poppins

Colleges and Universities Im Considering:
-Amherst College
-Dartmouth College
-Brown University
-U of M
-Michigan State University
-Boston College
-Boston University
-University of Chicago
-Northwestern University
-Georgetown University

Lots of choices and a very small chance ill get into any of these. Im very stressed out. I have a (i think) 3.56 GPA and am still waiting on my ACT scores. I got a 1560 on my SATs (yikes!!!), i think it was stress and the fact that the only studying i did was cramming the night before (stupid stupid stupid!!!). I am definatley re-taking my SATs. I still have to take the SAT IIs. Im so tired.

Jan. 15th, 2007

this is the first entry of 2007.

when i think about summer, my heart melts.

i miss my friends.

im stressed about school and college

when i think about august, i can't help but feel that my heart is breaking.

when i think about what i want to do with my life, i feel utterly lost.

on the 24th, it will be two years since my nana died. i miss her alot.

im a little scared, for reasons that will remain undisclosed.

ive found that im more traditional than i thought i was.

i want to have a career, but after i get married and have kids, i want to be a stay at home mom, at least until they go to school. that is when i'd start working again.

these smells remind me of my nana:
'charlie' perfume
pantene shampoo

i can't wait till spring.

i love flowers.

my birthday is on a school day this year.

im not going to go to northwestern this summer for six weeks.

boys can be really immature.

a constant state of euphoria

im in love.
im really freaking/stressing out. i know thats lame and that its only a test, but still. i really despise high school and the universities that force us to take these tests if we want to further our education and get into a good school. UGH!!!!!
i realize its been more than 2 months since ive posted last. frankly, i find taking the time to post is a waste. i have way too much stuff going on. For example, tomorrow i take the SAT, arrgh!!!

pirates are fucking amazing, matey!

i havent updated in awhile. life for me has basically consisted of homework, and more homework. summer was amazing though, i think its been one of the best so far. well that pretty much sums it up. HAPPY PIRATE DAY!!!